As Jesus gives insight into the nature of His Church using the symbol of the body in 1 Corinthians 12, so it is that when we join the Church we become “members” of the body of Christ and are equipped for specific functions by the Holy Spirit. God wills that the various “body parts” (members) function effectively toward the common goal of the Church; making disciples of Jesus Christ.

It is an erroneous concept that the clergy have a “sacred calling” and the general membership only a “secular calling.” This concept impedes the progress of the church by leading some to believe their contributions are less important. In fact, the New Testament teaches that all members of the body of Christ are ministers of Jesus Christ. There are necessary differences in function, but the status of all leaders is the same.

You have been asked to serve as a deacon in the church. The God who calls is able to sustain you as you cooperate with Him.


  1. Report to Head/Assistant Deacon– Deacon will assist in maintaining the smooth operation of church meetings. Any needs and/or concerns should be reported to the Head Deacon as soon as possible so that they could be addressed in an adequate manner. Regular meetings are to be scheduled by the Head Deacon to address various issues and provide training.
  2. Head Deacon will schedule deacons to be on duty for any particular week.The assigned deacons will be responsible for the following items:
    1. In the winter time, they will help with removing snow on sidewalks and main entryways.
    2. After church services, they will do a walk through of the sanctuary where hymn and praise books are returned to the pew racks and loose papers are thrown in the trash.
    3. Assist in collecting the offering during the worship service.
    4. One deacon is designated as the lock-up deacon, and will be responsible for ensuring that the church is locked up and the building is secure after church service ends.
    5. Set-up/tear-down tables for fellowship and other functions.
    6. Remove trash from fellowship hall after potlucks.
    7. Assist greeters in opening door and carrying food for members.
    8. Escort guests/members to their cars as needed.
    9. Walk through parking lot during church services, report suspicious activity to Head Deacon, Elder, 911 as appropriate.
  3. Assisting Elders in providing immediate assistance to needy individuals who approach the church for food, clothing, gas, etc.
  4. Assist with Baptisms
    1. Filling the baptismal tank (requires coming to Church 30 minutes early)
    2. Assist male candidates as they prepare for the baptism
  5. Assisting with the Communion Service.
    1. Setting up rooms including chairs, tables, towels, water, and basins for foot washing
    2. Restoring rooms after foot washing
    3. Washing foot washing basins
    4. Preparing Sanctuary for Communion Service
    5. Serving ordinances
    6. Assisting disabled members in getting to foot washing rooms
  6. Church maintenance
    1. Workbees. Deacons will help when workbees are called for the church or school.
    2. Identifying structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and cosmetic problems, and reporting them to the Head Deacon. Assisting with repairs or organizing work bees for smaller projects.
  7. Visitation
    1. Available for visitation ministry to church members who are shut-in, sick, etc. This will be especially true during times of communion.
    2. It is appropriate for either deacons or deaconesses, who have been ordained, to assist in distributing the emblems and uncovering and recovering the table during the service.

Appropriate Spiritual Gifts:

  • Helps or Service – The ability to unselfishly meet the needs of others through practical help.
  • Administration – The ability to organize and manage, working with and through others to achieve goals.
  • Mercy – The capacity to feel sympathy with those in need and to manifest this sympathy in some practical way with a cheerful spirit.
  • Head Deacon/Deaconess will also manifest the gift of leadership – the ability to help others set goals and communicate these goals to others. Deacons/Deaconesses will work harmoniously together.

Time Commitment:
Including Sabbath duty, most deacons will need to plan on two hours per week to carry out their duties. Another 1-2 hours a month are needed for visitation and special projects. Head deacon will serve on the Church board.